Tone it down - Oil


 Artist Statement

Like many artists, I paint because I am driven to create. My relationship with painting can be fun, exciting or calming; and yes, at times, maddening,and frustrating. However, as with any longterm relationship, the rewards far outweigh the trouble. My motto is 'Nothing happens if You don't show up'. Of course there is no guarantee that I wil love a particular day's work but if I don't walk through the studio door and squeeze out some paint... well... the result is guaranteed nothing. I strive to paint ever day. For me, inspiration can come from anyting-from the colors and patterns of the iris blooming in the front yard to the cover of a good book. I have learned to not wait for that spark of inspiration because a great painting can happen when I am feeling uninspired, or for that matter , when I am sick or sleep deprived, and a bad one when I am jazzed and raring to go. A good day of painting is when the canvas seems to prompt me on what to do next, i.e. add this try that, scrape here, etc. I never get bored with art because evey day is different.Lately, I am discarding old rules and embracing growth through change and spontaneity. My aim is for less  thinking and more expressiveness while keeping in mind color relationships and harmony. After all these years, I still find painting to be a journey of discovery. I want my work to reflect that journey.